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Your vehicle is a reflection of you. Therefore, you want to make sure it always looks and smells its best both inside and out. From keeping your paint job looking great to ensuring the interior is clean, there are many ways you can ensure your car’s appearance is spic and span.

The interior of your car is where you spend most of your time, and it is imperative you keep it neat. There is nothing worse than messing up your clothes because of dirt and grime in your car or having your passengers’ allergies act up due to a lack of dusting. In many ways, the inside of your car is similar to the inside of your home, and keeping it nice goes a long way. At Paintman Auto Body LLC, our team can restore your car’s interior to its best possible state and keep you and your passengers happy.

Of course, while the inside of your car is extremely important, that first impression is also crucial. Your vehicle’s paint should always look its best and add years to its appearance. Routine car washing and cleaning, along with proper drying, polishing and waxing can add years to your vehicle’s paint job. You do, however, need to make sure you do not wax too often as this can actually cause your finish to dull.

Your car says a lot about you, and we want to make sure it sings instead of stammers. To help you make the best impression possible, you can have cleaning, waxing and buffing services and more performed at a professional shop such as Paintman Auto Body LLC. At Paintman Auto Body LLC, you are guaranteed the best results in town. You can even set up a regular schedule to have your vehicle cleaned, buffed and shined to perfection. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Custom Paint

If you are in need of a fresh coat of paint for your car, motorcycle, or even softball helmets we provide a variety of custom paint services.

Collision Repair

Paintman Auto Body LLC completes the body, glass and paint work and replacements to restore your vehicle to pre-collision standards.
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