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We know you lead a busy life. From morning coffees to dropping off your kids at dance recitals to bringing home groceries, your car is with you through it all. It is, of course, natural for its interior to be a bit worse for wear at the end of the week. The team at Paintman Auto Body LLC wants to help you keep your car always looking its best by providing our expert advice.

  • Avoid eating and drinking in the car.
    We know this can be tough given today’s whirlwind schedules and drive-thru smorgasbords, but eating and drinking in the car can cause crumbs, smells and spills to ruin its interior. From dropped ice cream in your floorboard to French fry residue on your steering wheel, food and your car just do not mix. Try your best to save the snacking for home or work instead of the driver’s seat, and your car will thank you.
  • Kick your heels together.
    Simply knocking together your shoes before stepping into your car can significantly reduce the amount of dirt and mud that accumulates in your vehicle’s floorboards.
  • Toss your trash.
    Keep a dedicated trash bag in your vehicle and throw it away as soon as it gets full. For the extra conscious, you can even separate trash and recycling as you accumulate waste.
  • Clean up quickly.
    If worst comes to worst, always be prepared and clean up any messes quickly to keep them from setting and causing even more damage.
  • Let us help you.
    The expert team at Paintman Auto Body LLC specializes in transforming vehicles and making sure they look their absolute best.  Scheduling regular car washes and waxings, you are trusting your vehicle to the most experienced and thorough team in town.

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Custom Paint

If you are in need of a fresh coat of paint for your car, motorcycle, or even softball helmets we provide a variety of custom paint services.

Collision Repair

Paintman Auto Body LLC completes the body, glass and paint work and replacements to restore your vehicle to pre-collision standards.
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